Thursday, February 22, 2007

How can I forget a friend?????

In the end of January 2003 Steven's partner succumbed to AIDS.

His name was Frank and we were friends, we had been for 6 years but we weren't as close as Steven and I were.

I'm trying not to sob and vomit because I can't remember Frank's last name.

I know it's stupid but I can't remember and I'm furious that someone so decent and kind can't be remembered.

I'm trying to contain my venom today but it's been precious few weeks and I'm feeling terribly abandoned.

My father is on his way over to help with the kiddos.

When Hubby is away I feel the loneliness of no more Steven even more intensely.

I'm so glad my Dad is on the way.

My mother in law started Chemo today.

I hope G-d didn't forget about us.


Kenn Chaplin said...


His name was Frank. Because you were a friend, such an honour for anyone, he was not Mr.________. You did not know him by his last name. That says a lot!

Thank you for remembering him as a friend and as Dean's partner.



michelle said...

OT, but I would like your opinion on something and cannot find your email addy.

Housewife said...

I don't have my email on the blog.

Housewife said...

It's so strange though. I did know his last name. I knew it for years and I often referred to him by both first and last names.

It's been on the tip of my tongue for days but I can't remember it and it's driving me crazy.

One of the guys thinks that Dean and Frank died on the same day. I'm thinking we lost Frank mid-January but he's swearing it was Feb....

It's so random and strange to obsess on. I guess it's just part of what we do.

Finishing a little puzzle.

Anonymous said...

loneliness is the worst affliction of all according to the talmud...worst than starvation. i can't believe i still feel loneliness...and my mom will be gone 4 years this april. yesterday was my gram's year. even tho you say you were ready for dean to be in peace...the finalization as days tick on and you will never ever talk to that friend again and it is a harsh reality. even if you were prepared. that is why friends like you who inject humor into my life and make me laugh so hard is such a blessing. but know i am here for you in any lonliness you feel, because you are never alone.
xoxo mrs. d

Kenn Chaplin said...

It would, indeed, be interesting to know how close-to-the-same-date their deaths were. (Let me know...coming so close to Jim's death, too, - Jan. 14 - it always intrigues me when common feelings come up at similar times.)

As for forgetting Frank's surname, you are over-30, yes? It's called a brain fart. His name will come back to you in the middle of a light sleep, sitting on the throne, hugging your kids, whenever.



Karen said...

You haven't forgotten him. The person is not the name...

Elin said...

Great work.

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