Monday, May 7, 2007


Larry emails wondering if Steven could have possibly died of Hodgkin's Disease and the AIDS was a mistake.

Steven's partner calls because Jackie's being ripped off by the guy who bought Steven's business (no big surprise).

Heidi calls because she thinks Steven's partner needs help, "Steven trusted you with money you know." "Heidi, he was demented for the last two years, it was doomed." I tell her.

The dancing queens want to know if Eve wants a makeover for some E! show. I try being polite and then explain to them that Hubby would kick their collective asses if they tart her up. She's only 8, I explain, they're exasperated and think we're nuts.

I agree to have cocktails at Rage Thursday night.

I can't bring myself to call the family, the blood family.

I am utterly stunned that history is rewriting itself.

He had AIDS, his brain was gobbled up by a retrovirus. He was a good man but not a saint and he kept secrets from all of you because apparently the truth is too fucking much to handle.

I'm not answering my phone any more.


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