Thursday, February 1, 2007

Sick Little Boys

Hubby and Eve have mended and returned to work and school.

That leaves queasy me home with snotty febrile Adam.

The last two hours was spent with him frogged up into a snuggle on my chest. He's 5 now and doesn't fit the way he used to but I sat still and listened to his breath, wishing I could take the body aches away and silently thanking G-d for giving me this amazing family.

I can't help but think of Steven's Mother right now and the ache in her heart. My love of Steven has transferred to loving his mother because so much of him is gone already.

On a lighter note, we were watching Grease: You're The One That I Want last night and they dusted off Olivia Newton John, when she came on camera Eve declared, "Oh Mommy, she's beautiful. She looks just like me but with blonde hair!"


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Eve is more beautiful than ONJ. In fact, I'd guarantee it.

Joanna said...

Thank you for your kind's funny but I didn't think of my writing of that particular entry as beautiful so it cheered me up that you thought so. Thank you. PS: I love the title of your blog - I think a lot of housewives are pissed off too!

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